Foam Design


Facilities for Design

DM Designs is a design and fabrication company with a 15,000 square-foot facility focusing on providing the motion picture and TV industries with the most detailed props and textures possible. We are centrally located in the middle of Atlanta, Ga making our company easily accessible to east coast productions. Now you can save money on shipping and cut down delivery times.

Character Design


We build 3 dimensional sculptures and props in any size needed  for your applications. We also focus on vacuum forming providing productions with textures and shapes for background purposes.   Our capabilities include:
•  Foam Sculpting    •  Vacuum Forming        •  Hard Coating        •  CNC Machining
•  Mold Making        •  Structural Design        •  Painting        •  Full Construction of Sets


DM Designs’ main focus is to provide productions with the most cost effective way to get their sets done on time and under budget. We want to provide the best product for the best price. Now there are so many productions traveling that they have to pay high shipping costs and have harder delivery time restraints. We are trying to cut these things out for all productions. We all know in the movie industry everything is last-minute, and timing is crucial. Now there is a company they can go to – DM Designs.